I am sick today with the super fun stomach flu that sofia and carlos had will probaly be recovering for a while
I am unavailable for everything untill further notice


Jan. 21st, 2009 01:39 pm
All I can say is

Thank you

If the only prayer we ever say is "thank you"
it would be enough.


Jan. 19th, 2009 10:57 pm
I need an easel
for a poster 18" X24"

Got Wood?

Jan. 16th, 2009 05:38 pm
Anyone got a good place to get firewood for the ball?
We are trying to have some firepits to keep the outside less chilly
150 pre-sale tickets have been sold. If the weather is good there will be more tickets available at the door for $!5.

Since we are trying to have a greenish event, if you BYOB please also bring your own glasses. Also make sure your containers are recyclable if possible or take them home with you. Smokers should bring their own ash receptacle. We will try to provide some of these things but to make the event scalable please pitch in!
This is a Leave No Trace event, if you bring it please take it home.

If you want you can bring extra formal wear with your name on it to let other people borrow. Also bring a warm coat, the obama video will be outside!
The first 100 tickets have sold out
I have released an additional 50 tickets since the weather looks good
sorry if you got the sold out message please try again

if it is nice outside there will be more room for tickets at the door but it all depends
Since I have gotten some questions about it,  children are very welcome at the ball and minors are free with thier parents or guardians.

I want them to run around and dance in the fancyness and watch Obama on the big screen.  I want Sofia to always remember this day however things turn out in her life or what comes next.  One of the best things about election night was having kids there and realizing what this might mean to them. So yes kids are not only welcome but they are part of my original vision. If you don't want to bring them I understand, but there will probably be a little herd running around if things go the way I hope.
Pictures of Newborns within the first hour of their lives by Thierry Bouet.
I am preparing for the journey of parenthood again and
I remember how purple and strange my little lizard alien sofia was
when she was first born
and now she has grown into to a beautiful girl
I am so proud to be her mom

Dude we had a total score yesterday
with the ball gown shopping
I got a really fantastic dress like really really fantastic
for $21 srsly
and the other girls I went with also found dresses
full on fabulous dresses
for like$ 40 at the most
a this place Designer Exchange
it next to Petticoat Fair behind Northcross Mall
so much fabulousness in one place
they do have expensive stuff to but the sale they have right now is awesome

I kick ass
enough tto recieve an award for it
so thank you all for coming out to Spike's Kick Ass Awards
it was really lovely
and I am not good at accepting praise so
it was a good time to practice
and I am very honered
and also
anderson kicks major ass as well!
If you have extra wine glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses, tumblers, etc 
that are plain clear glass and you don't mind getting rid of
I am making some craftyness for the ball night
also I am scouring second hand places for these as well so if you see a good stash let me know

Oh Miriam watch out
Smoove B is on the MOOVE to the Lincoln Bedroom

Political Goals For 2009
By Smoove B
Smoove is not a political man. However, during the most recent election, something changed for Smoove. He has found a purpose. A new desire.

I will make Michelle Obama my woman, body and soul.

No more Gas

Jan. 8th, 2009 01:34 pm

This DJ earworm mashup is a comment on the problem America (and everyone else) has with oil consumption. I missed it the first time I heard it, but its is really layered

If you are what you say you are American Boy how you gonna fix it tick tick tick
gimme gimme more gas I just can't stop it's dangerous dangerous

anyway it is stuck in my head so I had to share
So the theme of 2008 was
"don't stop believin'"
and I have not quite come up with the them for 2009
the one we came up with on new years was
"impervious to doom"

I haven't really come up with anything better
but I wanted to reiterate my  focus for 2009

sanity- use the opportunity that the drugs have provided to actually listen to myself my thoughts and feeling as I go through the day. notice where i could  continue to design my life to get the results I want without judging myself harshly

nesting - invest in my home space make it what I need to nourish me and give me a place to take risks from get prepared for next pregnancy mentally physically emotionally financially

joy  -I will enjoy my life happiness is finally a choice for me everyday relish it  keep finding ways to lovingly connect with sofia while maintaining boundaries keep growing my partnership with carlos and all of my fantastic friendships

success - find a role model for success get a good picture of what it would be for me so I can manifest it I can have whatever I like just gotta get the picture of it

so sanity+nesting+joy+sucess= impervious to DOOOOM!

I will need to be uber girly and go
ballgown shopping
this weekend
anyone in?

All Y'alls Inaugural Ball
Tuesday January 20th, 2009
Mercury Hall

The All y'alls Inaugural Ball is a formal fancypants ball for all y'all that want to celebrate the Inauguration of our 44th president. Tuxes and ball gowns encouraged but if you don't have anything to wear come anyway. BYOB $15 at the door Presale (TBA). Children are welcome for free.
Look no further
Look no further
Look no further
Cruelest almost always to ourselves
It mustn't
Get any better
Ahhhhhh-ohh-ahh- off
It's in our hands
It always was
It's in our hands
In our hands
It's all here in our hands
It's all here in our hands
Well now aren't we scaring ourselves?
Aren't we trying too hard?
'Cause it's in our hands
It's in our hands
It's all here
It's in our hands
Look no further
Look no further
It's in our hands
It always was

Every year at First Night I fall in love with Austin all over again.
Thank you my beautiful city my beautiful friends and family.
May the New Year bring you what you seek.
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